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Boss Alive Eau de Parfum - 80ml

Boss Alive Eau de Parfum - 80ml
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Boss Alive Eau de Parfum - 80ml
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  • Model: Boss Alive Eau de Parfum - 80ml
  • ISBN: 3614228830393

What makes you feel ALIVE? Every woman has her own answer. Inspired by living life to the fullest and finding your own way, BOSS ALIVE empowers women on their path to success. Contemporary and confident, blending soft and bold notes, the BOSS ALIVE fragrance leaves a trail of positive energy.

Sparkling apple and plum top notes exude optimism, while a powerful floral heart of jasmine sambac reveals radiant femininity. The contrasting base fuses woody notes with a magnetic vanilla absolute, bringing comfort and confidence. A golden ornament surrounds the glass bottle like a piece of jewelry, while the nude pink juice captures the light, reflecting the aspirational, life-affirming nature of ALIVE.

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