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Diesel Bad Eau de Toilette - 125ml

Diesel Bad Eau de Toilette - 125ml
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Diesel Bad Eau de Toilette - 125ml
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  • Model: Diesel Bad Eau de Toilette - 125ml
  • ISBN: 3605522052949

A daring and sophisticated olfactive signature, Bad is the first scent combining accords of tobacco and caviar to create an addictive, pulsating, yet fresh woodiness. The game of seduction starts with an exciting rush of citrus notes and cold spices. Revived by cardamom and lavender, bergamot bites you by surprise… Then, like a trickle of sweat on a man's chiseled body, the saltiness of caviar notes adds an addictive sense of eroticism. Provocative. Salivating. Rough and masculine, tobacco and iris roots turn up the heat. These intoxicating notes finally make you lose control. Covered in what seems like grainy black leather, the Bad bottle comes with seductive, masculine looks, hinting at the classic black leather biker jacket. Introducing a technical breakthrough, the leather-like texture is in fact micro-engraved glass. It’s the result of an innovative engraving and printing technique. Although at first sight the bottle seems impenetrable, the transparent Bad logo allows a look inside. Its blazing copper interior gives the impression that the bottle is burning from the inside.

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