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Are your products in stock?

Yes, we keep physical stock of everything listed on our website. Any items that are sold out will be indicated as such or delisted from the website until restocked.

Do I have to order on-line from the website?

Yes, this is the most secure way for you to order, make sure you give out correct details as well as a contact number.

Is it possible to order a fragrance not listed on the website?

Yes, we might be able to find any fragrance not currently listed on our website, drop us an email or WhatsApp and we can confirm.

Are the perfumes sold by Perfumes Direct genuine products?

Yes, all our perfumes are strictly 100% genuine. You can verify this by yourself by searching the EAN number on the box.

Don't get cheated, there is no such thing as AAA Grade or B Grade perfumes. Worldwide, perfumes are either Genuine or Fake.

How do I change information on my order once my order has already been placed?

Please email us at or WhatsApp 081 401 9000